The Difference Between Shipping and Freight Shipping

Freight and maritime transport are two terms that are interconnected. While both shipping and freight are used to describe the transportation of goods in bulk, freight always refers to a larger quantity of goods, while shipment can refer to a smaller quantity. Shipping is generally considered to be more expensive than freight, as it is cheaper to transport goods in bulk than in smaller quantities.

Freight transportation

is the process of transporting commodities, goods, and cargo by land, sea, or air. The most common types of road cargo transportation include trucking, under-truck freight (LTL), and intermodal transportation.

Shipping and handling are the process of setting up and packing orders and then delivering them to the customer. It incurs shipping costs such as packaging supplies, labor, stock storage, transportation, and delivery. Freight can be managed by the company that owns the goods or by a third party, called a freight forwarder. Door-to-door shipping services consist of a transport company including all shipping, handling, import and customs rights in its rate and takes care of every step of the process. Free automated freight quoting, booking and tracking for your part-load, truckload, intermodal and expedited shipments. The shipment involves the shipping and transportation costs necessary for the transport company to deliver the requested package to the recipient.

Freight transport is key to getting goods to their destination on time, safely and cost-effectively. If you need a transport service that can ship several tons of products from one point to another, either for a customer or for your own company, transportation is the only realistic option. There are several modes of cargo transportation, including the transport of cargo less than the truck, full transport, intermodal transport, partial transport and express transport. When several shipments are grouped together for a long journey and then broken down in a storage facility, it's known as cargo transportation. Air freight, although called cargo rather than express, tends to be transported much faster than cargo shipments. Significant cost savings are achieved by using freight transport for both the recipient and the sender of the merchandise.

Package shipping will rarely be used for long-distance commercial shipping, as it is quite expensive and inefficient. Learn about transporting cargo versus shipping normal packages and discover how an LTL or FTL strategic partner can help get your goods moving.